It is Time to Go Solar!

Solar energy saves resources, is more affordable than ever, and shows the community that you care.

Today, solar panel costs are at an all time low while rebates are at an all time high.  Alternative energy has never made more sense in Kansas or Missouri.  We have now reached the point where the cost of solar energy is actually less than coal energy, with rate increases in the price of conventional electricity averaging near 10% a year and a historically low price for solar equipment.  Call and ask us about our Kansas leasing program.  A sunny roof facing east or west means your energy costs should be the same as you have been paying and if your roof faces even a tiny bit towards the south you will likely save a considerable amount of energy dollars by going solar!

Installing solar power on your Missouri or Kansas home is easy. The systems we install today are much simpler to use than those installed when our company first started in 1982. Today, we do not use batteries and there is no lifestyle change needed; think of solar as a simple energy saving device. Our grid-tied photovoltaic (solar) systems take advantage of the fact that, due to new net-metering laws in both Kansas and Missouri, the utility is required to buy back any excess power you produce.  Our modern solar projects require no routine maintenance and will last 40+ years.

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Rebates are high and costs are low. Installing now ensures you will be receiving the best money saving opportunities ever offered for solar energy in Missouri or Kansas.

Take advantage of government rebates and tax credits. The federal government offers a 30% solar tax credit while Missouri customers of KCP&L metro region or AmrenUE receive an additional rebate, meaning they pay less than half the total cost. Learn more about incentives.

Cromwell Environmental offers design and installation of commercial photovoltaic and solar hot water systems throughout most of Missouri and Kansas. Our staff of highly trained, NABCEP certified engineers offers a level of unrivaled expertise. Since 1982, Cromwell Environmental has been a leader in the solar industry, with a distinguished history and a bright future.

Contact Cromwell Environmental today for more information about utilizing the power of the sun for your specific business or organization; our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you.  Contact us for your free consultation.